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Blackburn Consulting provides planning and logistical support services for association and corporate events and trade shows around the world. Our services can be custom fit to the specific requirements of your conference or trade show. With our experience planning meetings and events in North America, Australia, and Europe, Blackburn Consulting can provide your organization with the support you need for your international, national, and regional events. 


Whether your needs are for full conference planning and support services, trade show sales and management, or your team simply requires some short term help filling a specific gap, Blackburn Consulting has the experience and the contacts to help make your next event the most successful ever.


"I am impressed by his ability to think ahead, not just to set out a plan but to anticipate where the landmines are, where the potential problems might be hiding, and to find ways to assure that the conference team manages those threats fully. His plans are complete but more importantly they are rational, practical, and economical." - Stan Jakubik, President, Higher Education User Group

"Bob Blackburn's skills, knowledge, and attention to detail were instrumental to the success of the program. Additionally, as the event drew near, HIUG was so impressed by Bob that we further engaged Blackburn Consulting to provide support and manage the 2009 conference registration." - Linda Helgerman, President, Healthcare Industry User Group

"Blackburn Consulting has been invaluable to the Higher Education User Group world-wide conference activities.  Their attention to planning detail, negotiating skills, connections, and partnerships have helped us grow in terms of attendance and in satisfaction for both our members and our corporate partners." - Tom Scott, Past-President, Higher Education User Group





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